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Easy Homemade Wheat Bread!

This is my first time making homemade bread. I am not sure why I had a fear to try it, but it always seemed intimidating. As a novice, I started with a recipe from the first cookbook I was gifted. My grandmother gave me the Fannie Farmer cookbook, and it continues to be a staple for all my basic cooking techniques.

Try this simple whole wheat bread. It requires minimal kneading and has to rise twice. I modernized the recipe and used my kitchen aid mixer's dough hook for the kneading.


Ingredients :

2 cups hot milk

1/3 cup molasses

1 1/2 tsp. salt

1 package dry yeast (do not get instant))

1/4 cup room temp water

4 1/3 cup whole wheat flour

1. Add milk to saucepan and heat over medium heat until slow boil

2. Mix hot milk, molasses and salt in a heat proof bowl and let cool to lukewarm

3. Stir yeast with room temperature to slightly warm water and let it sit for 5 minutes in a seperate small bowl.

4. Add the dissolved yeast and flour to the mixture in step 2 then add to mixing bowl.

5. Using your Kitchen Aid Mixer with the dough hook beat well for several minutes.

6. Cover mixing bowl with clean kitchen towel and let rise to double in size. This is best done in a warm place.

7. Beat briefly again for 1 minute

8. Place dough into a greased loaf pan

9. Let rise again to just under double in bulk

10. Heat oven to 375 degrees

11. Bake for 45 minutes

12. Cool on rack

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