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Let's Get Started... Family History through Food

Did you every think about how much your family traditions reflect family history?

As we gather around our friends and family, do you ever stop to think about the history of the food you will enjoy. Food traditions hold cues and insight into historical symbols and meaning according to culinary historian, Jessica Harris. At our family table, we always have #Southern style greens- collard, mustard or turnip, we love them all!

Collard greens have been cooked and prepared since the Ancient Greeks, and the Southern style of cooking greens arose from African persons brought as slaves to Americas.

Often referred to as “soul food”,the greens are cooked down until soft, and the juices (known as pot likker), has African origins as a cure to many ailments. Many of the slaves on Southern plantations were given left over food, and the tops of turnips and other greens were turned into a delicious dish, we refer to as southern greens. The history of the #collard green is just one story of Africans contributions to present day Southern cooking.

So as you gather around the table during the Holiday season, take the time to reflect on the history of the food and traditions. What are your favorite traditional dishes?

I’ll be posting my family favorite Southern greens recipe soon!

Take the time and uncover the history behind your traditional family dish.

Happy Holidays!

©My KinConnections

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