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Old-Fashioned Salmon Patties – an easy, inexpensive traditional recipe!

Growing up, salmon patties made a frequent debut at our dinner table. They are an easy, affordable meal, and can be made with pantry staples. Even as an adult, it remains one of my favorites for lunch or dinner. I do not make mine with a sauce, but there are many sauce recipes available if you wish to top your salmon patties.

Depending on your family history or traditions, salmon patties are also known as salmon croquettes or salmon cakes, but they all have similar ingredients.

History of Salmon croquettes

Croquettes originated in France in about 1898 by the founder of classical French cuisine, Escoffier.

Originally, it included many variations including beef and as the recipe spread worldwide --local chefs used readily available ingredients, such as salmon. The rise of canned salmon in US supermarkets during the early 1920’s made the dish more available to working class families and a dinner time classic.

Now, on to the recipe!!



1 can salmon

1 egg

Onion Powder

Saltine Crackers

Cooking oil of choice

Salt and Pepper

1. Put roughly ½ a sleeve of saltine crackers in a Ziploc bag. Squeeze bag to crush crackers and create a fine breading for your patties. Set aside.

2. Open can of salmon and place on a paper plate. Remove large bones from the canned salmon and heavy layer of skin if present.

3. In a medium bowl, combine salmon, 1 egg, 1 tsp onion powder, salt, pepper.

4. Add crushed saltines to the bowl in step 4. Mix gently and begin to form equal size balls. Flatten balls to patties.

5. Heat oil of your choice, I use avocado oil, in a skillet

6. After oil heats, add salmon patties. Be careful to only turn the patties once on each side. Cook until evenly brown.

7. Place on paper towel, cool and enjoy!

TIP: Recipe makes about 4 patties. May want to double recipe if needed!

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