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Southern Sweet Tea

Summer Picnics and BBQ's- What’s on your table?

Due to the pandemic this year’s 4th of July celebration will be a bit different, but our family still plans to eat well- even if we are in different locations or wearing masks!

One of my favorites to enjoy in the summer and the perfect complement to any BBQ is sweet tea. Try this easy to make recipe, and it is guaranteed to be a favorite for your family too!

Best Sweet Tea –


6-8 tea bags (choose brand of your choice- recommend family size)

2 cups sugar

Lemonade drink mix (optional) or lemon slices

2 quarts water

1. Boil 1 quart water.

2. Add tea bags to boiling water about 1 minute.

3. Remove from heat. Let sit about 10 minutes

4. Add sugar stirring until dissolved.

5. Add remaining cold water or until desired sweetness

6. Remove tea bags, and squeeze them gently.

7. Add to pitcher and chill.

8. Add and stir-in lemonade drink mix if preferred.

Serve over ice cubes and enjoy!

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