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Valentine's Day- What's your Favorite Dessert?

What is your favorite traditional Valentine's Day dessert?

Do you prefer chocolate? cupcakes? candy? or even have a family recipe or tradition you enjoy on Valentine's Day?

Read below for several recipe favorites pinned to my Pinterest page from fellow bloggers, be sure to check out their recipes, websites and social media!

Strawberry Buttercream Frosting - add to your favorite cake or cupcake! You can never go wrong with the rich flavor of buttercream frosting. Visit Two Sisters #twosisterscrafting for an amazing recipe!! Tag them on instagram if you try it!

Red Velvet Sugar Cookies - two of my favorites combined- sugar cookies and red velvet. Visit Baking a Moment's #bakingamoment recipe for a tender and moist red velvet sugar cookie. One bite will not be enough!

Chocolate Chip Cookies - it does not get more classic than this! Spruce Eats features the Nestle Tollhouse recipe - a classic for generations! Be sure to check out their blog #thespruceeats

Hot Milk Cake - a traditional classic from one of my favorite blogs, Southern Lady Cooks #thesouthernladycooks. You have got to visit her website and don't wait to try this recipe for this classic cake.

Happy Valentine's Day!!

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