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Welcome to the My KinConnections blog!

Thanks for stopping by.....

@ My KinConnections we believe family and relationships is core to all we do—cooking, traditions, and even researching your family tree.

I started this blog while researching my own #family tree. After experiencing many road blocks to find information, I realized that I had learned a lot on my journey. Both about myself and my family, and it left me curious to understand more about my family traditions and the familial recipes we share. It also fit well with my passion for history, #cooking, #baking and family traditions.

Check back to our blog for more content including traditional family recipes, tips for researching your family tree, historical travel adventures and much more….

Also be sure to check out our social media pages @My KinConnections for updated content!

I look forward to taking this journey with you! Let me know what topics you want to hear more about?

©My KinConnections

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