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Chicken Noodle Soup

#delicious, give this recipe a try! It is easy enough to make on a weeknight or for a Sunday night dinner!

Who does not love chicken noodle soup?!

It is one of my favorite soups, and one of the best comfort foods out there. It is actually easy to make if you take some short cuts and use purchased or prepared chicken broth and prep your vegetables by chopping in advance. You can use skinless chicken thighs or tenders since both cook quickly and shred easily.

The key to this recipe is to taste and season. I estimated some of the amounts since the original recipe included a ‘pinch’ of this and that. Scratch cooking, requires tasting and correcting based upon your own palette.

Give the recipe a try!!


3-4 boneless skinless chicken thighs or chicken breast tenders

4 cups low sodium chicken broth

about 9-10 cups water

olive oil

1/2 onion chopped fresh

1 celery stalk chopped

1 large carrot chopped

2 cups wheat rotini pasta

1 tablespoons dry dill (or as desired)


1. In a large pot or dutch oven, boil water, chicken broth and about a tablespoon of salt. Now poach the chicken---- once rapid boiling, add the chicken thighs. Cover and boil for 20 minutes.

2. Heat a skillet to medium heat and add olive oil to coat the skillet. Saute onions, celery and carrots until soft. Transfer to your pot in step 1

3. Add rotini pasta to the pot, and cook at a low boil for 15 minutes. Cook your pasta to desired softness.

4. Remove chicken from the pot and shred the chicken using a fork.

5. Return the shredded chicken to the pot.

6. Add dill and more salt to taste. Remove from heat and enjoy!

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