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History in your favorite desserts?

Did you consider that your favorite recipe may reveal clues to your family history? Read below as I uncover the history of pecan pie.....

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Although I’ve tried many recipes, one of my favorite pecan pie recipes uses Karo light syrup. If you are short on time, you can even use a Petz Ritz ready-made deep dish pie crust, but if you have the time make your own crust! I learned to make a shortening crust from my mom, and although it takes more time, the results are worth it. Check out our recipe!

A few historical facts about this delicious family pie...

Surprisingly #Pecan Pie is American born, and pecans are native to North America. The earliest reported recipes for the pecan pie appeared during the late 19th century in Texas.

Also, there are many variations on the recipe. In fact, the ingredient list may hold clues to your family history. Many home cooks use local ingredients and taste profiles differ by region. Does your recipe include bourbon, whiskey, coconut, chocolate or brown sugar?

The introduction of Karo Syrup, which my family uses, drove interest in the pie and became a staple ingredient. Sweetness also varies according to Illinois pecan pie expert, Edgar Rose. Many recipes originating in states such as Texas, Alabama, and other Southern states prefer a sweeter variation—more sugar!! Historical recipes in 19th century even used to include milk, sorghum or other ingredients readily available and went by similar names.

There are so many variations, it is worth investigating the ingredients your family uses…it may hold clues to the history of your family tradition.

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What ingredients does your recipe of pecan pie include?

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